Galewood is known for its bungalows and ranch houses within the area.  It is also the location of the Shriner’s Hospital, Mars Candy, and  Radio Flyer.


Montclare was the heart of the Italian community on Chicago’s Northwest side. The community is very family-oriented and solidly middle-class.  Montclare is between Belmont Ave, Harlem, and the Soo Line railroad. Montclare is known for its larger Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor homes.

Schorsch Village

This charming neighborhood tucked away in the northwest side of Chicago is brimming with a vibrant and diverse population of residents and restaurants. The shady streets of Schorsch Village are often active with folks walking their dogs, parents pushing strollers and children playing in their front yards

Belmont Heights

Belmont Heights, originally home to large Polish and Italian Communities, still has numerous European grocery stores and bakeries.  There is a burgeoning Hispanic population that has added a number of new businesses. Belmont Heights is bordered by Irving Park to the north, Belmont Avenue to the south, Harlem Avenue to the east and Pacific Avenue to the west.

Belmont Terrace

Nestled between the Schiller Woods Forest Preserve and three large cemeteries (Irving, Westlawn and Acacia), Belmont Terrace neighborhood is a charming urban retreat dominated by gardens and wilderness

Schorsch Forest View

The northwest Chicago neighborhood of Schorsch Forest View is something of an island. Detached from the rest of the city by the suburb of Norridge, this tiny community has become an ideal place for folks who want to raise their families within the city limits but prefer to be slightly removed from the concrete jungle of downtown living. Most of the community’s present-day homes were built during a housing boom in the 1950s. Since that time, Schorsch Forest View has retained its suburban charm and continues to attract new homeowners from around Chicago who are looking to leave the cramped spaces and congestion of the city center.



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